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Planning for life means crafting solutions to even the most challenging situations. 

Our team has helped countless clients pursue their goals. Use the links below to learn more about specific client scenarios and how we solved for them. Then, schedule an appointment to discuss your specific needs. 

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Comprehensive Financial Planning for Retirement Readiness

Our clients who are planning for retirement have unique situations and challenges, but some questions are common, such as:

  • How much money do I need to meet my expenses and enjoy my retirement?
  • What are my income sources in retirement (Social Security, pension, investment accounts, etc.)?
  • Do I have options to maximize my retirement paycheck (working an additional year, dealing Social Security, different pension options, etc.)?
  • How will I address long-term care and health needs in retirement?
  • Will I be able to leave a legacy for my family?

Real Solutions for Real People – Watch Video

We developed a retirement income plan for a client that enabled her to pursue her lifelong aspiration of buying and restoring historic properties, while also ensuring a legacy for her children.

Our work with this client included:

  • Helping her procure adequate long-term care insurance as she wished to be able to stay in her home, even if her health suffered.
  • Determining the ideal age at which she should take social security to maximize benefits. 
  • Developing a plan including various investment accounts and objectives, designed to yield income, while also conserving assets for the long term.
  • Collaborating with the client to create a realistic budget for her ideal retirement lifestyle, including how she would spend her "typical" days while not pursuing her other interests. 

While the future is unpredictable, we have expertise in helping our clients plan and prepare for possible scenarios such that there are no (unpleasant) surprises in retirement.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning for Retirees - Watch Video

Our retired clients have unique situations and challenges, but some questions are common, such as:

  • How will my income be impacted by inflation and taxes?
  • What is the best way to invest my assets for the long term to ensure income throughout a long retirement?
  • Do I need additional funds for health care or insurance as I grow older?
  • How can I most tax-efficiently leave a legacy for my family?
  • What amount of money can I invest in charitable causes while maintaining my lifestyle?

 Real Solutions for Real People

We helped a married couple in retirement navigate health expense challenges and tax-efficiently transfer their appreciated assets to their heirs, all while maintaining a fulfilling retirement lifestyle. 

Our work with these clients included:

  • Assisting in procuring less expensive long-term care insurance for the healthier spouse, freeing up funds to cover health expenses for the other spouse.
  • Coordinating with their estate planning attorney to ensure all estate planning documents were up to date and aligned to their charitable and other goals. 
  • Transferring appreciated assets to the younger spouse to achieve a step-up in basis, which allowed the gains to be taxed at a reduced rate for estate purposes. 
  • Developing an investment plan that took advantage of conservative income, while also generating growth to maintain the couples' lifestyle for years to come. 

With appropriate planning, your retirement years can be among your most fulfilling. We have the expertise to help you plan for your ideal retirement.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning for Growing WealthWatch Video

Our clients who are saving and growing have unique situations and challenges, but some questions are common, such as:

  • How can I maximize my savings?
  • What is the appropriate investment mix for my age and goals?
  • Do I have adequate insurance to protect my growing family?
  • How will I pay for my child's educational expenses?

Real Solutions for Real People

We helped a couple increase their savings by helping reduce their overall tax bill, while also funding an educational savings plan for their daughter. 

Our work with these clients included:

  • Analyzing their tax returns to see where changes to their elections and deductions could garner savings.
  • Establishing a tax-deductible educational savings account for their daughter with a set periodic investment plan designed to meet future expenses. 
  • Implementing a more tax-efficient investment strategy to help reduce their tax burden.
  • Creating a plan to eliminate and consolidate debt, resulting in a lower interest rate overall on outstanding loans and freeing up money for investing and saving. 
  • Working with the couple to develop a manageable and realistic budget which allotted additional funds to the college savings account.
  • Reviewing insurance policies to ensure the family was protected should life throw a curve ball.
  • Reallocating qualified retirement plan assets to better match the couples' goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. 

Our team has vast experience helping busy people simplify their finances. We can help you plan for the things that matter most to you.  

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Comprehensive Financial Planning for Young Adults – Watch Video

Our clients who are just beginning their financial journey have unique situations and challenges, but some questions are common, such as:

  • How can I manage my expenses and put away some savings?
  • Which company benefits make the most sense for my personal situation?
  • How much should I invest in my company's qualified retirement plan and what investments should I select?
  • Do I need to invest in anything other than my retirement plan?
  • How do I manage credit and other debt to my advantage?

Real Solutions for Real People

We helped a client, who was starting her professional career, create a budget and savings plan that allowed her to pursue her travel goals while also improving her credit score. 

Our work with this client included:

  • Reviewing her tax withholdings and returns to find ways to put more money in her pocket throughout the year.
  • Helping her apply the extra income she was receiving to her debt, reducing her overall burden.
  • Providing guidance on credit and a plan to ensure she was able to boost her credit score.
  • Recommending an increased retirement plan savings percentage, which helped her take full advantage of her company's matching contribution.
  • Allocation strategy for her retirement plan.
  • Establishing a RIA account to help her save tax-deferred dollars in addition to her plan savings.
  • Developing a realistic budget that allowed her to fund several short annual adventure skiing trips.
  • Guiding her on her company benefit elections to seek the least out-of-pocket costs for her personal situation. 

Beginning your financial planning journey can feel overwhelming, particularly when you are starting to take on more responsibilities in your life. We help you set the right financial course so you can focus on your future. 

Comprehensive Financial Planning for Pharma Professionals Watch Video

Our pharma-focused clients (who either work in, or provide support services to, pharmaceutical companies) have unique situations and challenges, but some questions are common, such as:

  • How can I best take advantage of my company's benefits?
  • What is the best way to invest in my qualified retirement plan?
  • What strategy should I use to maximize company stock options?
  • How can I reduce my business' tax burden?
  • As a business owner, what should I be doing for my company's retirement plan?
  • Do I need additional or different insurance to protect my bottom line? 

Real Solutions for Real People

We helped an owner of a pharmaceutical service company mitigate his business taxes, improve his qualified retirement plan offering, and better protect his personal assets.

Our work with this client included:

  • Changing the client's business structure to one where personal assets could not be included in legal disputes. 
  • Switching the retirement plan custodian and record keeper to expand investment options for the qualified retirement plan, which resulted in greater employee enrollment and savings. 
  • Helping boost his allowable qualified savings amount to better pursue his target retirement date and asset amount. 
  • Collaborating with his attorney to create tax-sheltered trusts as part of his estate plan.
  • Recommending supplemental business insurance. 
  • Developing an investment strategy for his personal and business assets that reflected his current and future income needs. 

Working with a financial planning partner who understands your industry can help streamline your planning. Let us apply our expertise to your personal situation.  

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Comprehensive Support for Retirement Plan Sponsors

Our retirement plan sponsor clients have unique situations and challenges, but some questions are common, such as:

  • What are my responsibilities as a plan sponsor?
  • Do I have the best possible plan for the company's employees?
  • Are there ways to save on the retirement plan expenses?
  • How do I boost employee enrollment in our retirement plan?
  • What support can I provide to employees in investing their qualified retirement plan assets?
  • Are there ways to streamline plan administration so I can free up more of my time?

Real Solutions for Real People

We helped a retirement plan sponsor improve their plan options, increase enrollment, implement an ongoing employee education series, and save money on plan expenses. 

Our work with this client included:

  • Recommending a new retirement plan custodian and platform which provided wider investment options to the company's employees. 
  • Delivering quarterly employee seminars about retirement savings, which resulted in greater plan enrollment and larger contribution amounts. 
  • Streamlining the plan sponsor's administrative process by providing simplified reporting and support.  

  • Helping employees of the firm with other financial planning issues, boosting employee satisfaction (as gauged in the company's annual survey).
  • Providing online resources for employees about retirement topics.
  • Updating the plan sponsor on regulatory trends and important dates and events in the retirement plan landscape.  

We are retirement plan experts who can provide you with the support you need in administering your company plan. View our retirement plan resources to get a sense of what we can offer. 

Comprehensive Financial Planning: Maximizing Finances

Everyone wants to maximize their finances, which is why we make that part of our mission with our clients. The way we do it is by asking a lot of questions and doing a lot of listening. 

Real Solutions for Real People

We helped our clients reduce their debt, putting more money in their pockets. They were able to contribute more to their retirement investments and take full advantage of their health savings accounts (HSAs). 

Our work with this client included:

  • Developing a net worth statement, which in addition to our extensive discovery conversations, helped paint a full picture of the family's finances. 
  • Mitigating unnecessary high interest debt by taking out a low interest home equity loan and deploying their extra cash in the bank to pay down the debt. 
  • Reducing monthly expenses via a mortgage refinance. 
  • Reviewing their company benefits to uncover their ability to capitalize on a HSA plan and maximize their contributions to cover their child's necessary orthodontic work.  
  • Leveraging their newfound savings to contribute more to their company 401(k) plan, enabling them to receive the full benefit of the company matching contributions (free money). 
  • Increasing their educational savings contributions, helping save for their children's' future tuitions. 

Our clients are often amazed at their ability to save more than they thought they could and to pursue goals that seemed out of reach. We have the expertise to help you do the same.  

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Comprehensive Financial Planning: Company Stock Options

Company stock options are a great benefit, but knowing how to best take advantage of them is a challenge for many of our clients.

 Real Solutions for Real People

We helped our corporate executive client develop and implement a coordinated plan for her restricted stock units (RSUs), resulting in increased value over the long-term. 

Our work with this client included:

  • Taking time to understand her short-term and long-term income needs, determining that she did not need the money from the stock options immediately. 
  • Developing a plan to support her future needs with proceeds from the sale of shares.
  • Researching her company's stock option guidelines to fully understand the vesting schedule. 
  • Reviewing her additional company benefits to take advantage of other opportunities for tax-deferred savings.  
  • Implementing a retirement income plan that modeled several scenarios, including risks involving a decline in the company's share price. 
  • Collaborating with her CPA to pursue maximum tax-efficiency.  

 Planning for additional income can be complicated, particularly when you have to consider tax implications. We are experts in helping people plan for, and take advantage of, their stock option benefits.  

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Comprehensive Financial Planning: Business Owner Tax Savings

Financial planning for business owners can be complex as it is necessary to consider the personal goals and finances of the business owner in addition to company information. 

Real Solutions for Real People

We helped two business partners reduce their tax bill by a six-figure amount and nearly quadruple their annual retirement savings. 

Our work with these clients included:

  • In-depth discovery process for the business financial information and each partner's personal situation. 
  • Implementing a cash-balance pension plan and a 401(k) profit sharing plan, which when combined resulted in a dramatic reduction in their business tax bill and a huge increase in their personal retirement plan savings. 
  • Developing a plan that included the integration of their personal and business assets to ensure the two facets of each partners life worked well together. 
  • Reviewing their business insurance to help ensure adequate protection. 
  • Collaborating with their tax professional to update their filing information related to their pension and profit sharing plans. 

Your business and personal financial plan should work well together. Tupler Financial can offer the guidance you need to plan for your business and personal assets on the most beneficial way.  

Comprehensive Financial Planning: Divorce Planning Watch Video

Divorce is emotionally and financially draining, but having an expert in your corner can help speed the process and potentially deliver better results

Real Solutions for Real People

We helped our client understand the value of the shared marital assets and reduce her tax liability on the settlement she received. 

Our work with this client included:

  • Reviewing her spouse's substantial financial documents and history to help calculate the full value of his personal and company assets. 
  • Developing a strategy to seek the greatest possible settlement based on our updated understanding of the assets in question.
  • Collaborating with her attorney to ensure a Qualified Domestic Relations Order was in place to properly divide the retirement assets obtained during the marriage.
  • Investing and structuring accounts such that she reduced her potential tax liability on received funds.
  • Helping her plan for her new financial reality, with a comprehensive financial plan and implementation. 
  • Discussing long-term care and other insurance options to help ensure her future health and the security of her children.

Divorce often lacks a silver lining, but Tupler Financial has found that a positive financial outcome helps our clients most easily transition to their new life. We can help you plan for the best and most challenging facets of your financial life.  

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